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Crystal Clear Skin and Beauty was founded by Crystal Koro in 2016. Her signature treatments quickly gained acclaim from social media influencers like Model Roz, Patrick Ta, Ariana Grande, and Olivia Culpo. Crystal’s been featured on The Doctors and PopSugar as “master esthetician to the stars” and yet she has the uncanny ability to make every client she works with feel like a star.  


What sets Crystal in a league of her own is her fiery passion for skincare and skin tech.  As new products and devices enter the field, Crystal is devoted to staying ahead of the curve with innovative technology to ensure her clients get the absolute best results possible. Her unwavering warmth, hospitality, and professionalism ensures clients get the same platinum service, every time.  


Crystal’s ready to share all her skincare secrets with you because she believes everyone deserves Crystal Clear Skin.

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Medical Aesthetician

Working for over half a decade in one of the world’s most image-conscious ZIP codes, Caroline has proven herself a stand-out Los Angeles skincare expert.


Whether it’s addressing the beauty concerns of the everyday public, media-savvy celebrities, or helping bloggers and fashion editors navigate all things skincare (she has been featured in such publications as Kourtney Kardashian’s POOSH and Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr’s, Who, What, Wear), the licensed aesthetician’s enthusiasm and love for her craft is evident in the quality of her treatments.


By combining medical and holistic techniques, Caroline marries the benefits of dermatology-grade facials with the blissful pampering of a five-star spa, all while meeting each of her client’s specific skincare needs.


When this sought-after practitioner is not negotiating a fully booked schedule, you might find her as an expert panelist on a MedSpa Mastery course, or perfecting her warrior pose in her favorite hot yoga class.

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