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What is Facial Cupping?

The ancient eastern practice of Facial Cupping is making a come back. We've all seen the photos of athletes getting a cupping treatment done post-workout to speed up their muscle recovery process, so is facial cupping the same thing?

Facial cupping provides all the same benefits and more, as the type of cupping you've seen athletes get done. The best bonus of facial cupping? No bruises or hickey-looking marks are left on your face. It is uniquely designed to increase blood flow and leave you with healthy, glowing skin.

The facial cupping treatment allows your esthetitian to control the blood movement in your face, which helps detoxify and enhance circulation in your skin. It specifically targets any visible signs of again by restoring firmness and texture in the skin, and tones the skin.

There's a reason facial cupping is the hottest new facial trend in Hollywood. Facial cupping will leave your skin less puffy, glowing, and healthy looking.