Before & After At-Home Skincare Routine

September 20, 2017


One year ago, one of my clients came to me with a type of acne I had never seen before. She felt like everyone had given up on her skin and was hopeless. I knew I could help her. We started out with monthly HydraFacial treatments and peels, added on Plasmatic Enzyme Treatments, and most importantly we found an at-home skin treatment plan that has worked wonders.


Not everyone has perfect skin, but everyone can achieve perfect skin with the right treatments AND with the right at-home skincare plan!  


Keep reading to see the at-home treatment plan. Click the photos for direct links to the products!



The Milk & Honey Cleanser 



The Milk & Honey Cleanser penetrates deep into pores to calm inflammation. This cleanser gently removes impurities, makeup and excess oils without drying out skin.



Use: Morning & Night




Brightening Peel Pads


The Brightening Peel Pads brighten, tone & smooth your skin's texture. The pads exfoliate dead skin cells and encourage cell renewal to correct damage and prevent future acne from forming.



Use: Every other night




Skin Lite Gentle 

Skin Lite Gentle is a miracle worker for uneven skin tone. The hydrating skin serum features botanical key ingredients that target discoloration and inhibit new pigment from appearing, delivering an even tone and a brighter complexion.



Use: Nightly 




VitaC Serum

The VitaC Serum significantly brightens, firms and protects skin from free-radical damage, as well as other environmental stresses. The anti-aging serum delivers great hydration and combats visible signs of aging.



Use: Morning and Night





The Zapper is a dual-acid, acne spot treatment that's very gentle on the skin and delivers impressive results without causing further sensitivity or irritation. It has a powerful action and encourages cellular regeneration, improving the overall appearance of your skin.


Use: Every other night


SpaCells Facial Sponge

SpaCells® Facial Sponge is the perfect facial sponge for your everyday skincare routine. SpaCells® Facial Sponge creates softer, smoother skin after just one use. 


Use: Nightly







Oxygenetix Foundation 


Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation helps conceal, minimize and heal breakouts, blemishes, rashes, acne scars, rosacea, wounds and other skin conditions using a unique, super-charged oxygen complex that stimulates skin cell production and speeds the healing process.

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September 20, 2017

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