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Why Apricot Scrub is Bad For Your Skin

I know you like to scrub, but seriously, stop it. Also, apologize profusely to your skin. 😖- Why you ask? It creates microscopic tears in the top layer of the skin. This allows surface bacteria to enter into deeper layers of the skin. The action of scrubbing the skin also causes inflammation, especially in this type of client, who believes the more you scrub the better. your skin will be. The creates raw, red, open skin, increasing future inflammation. When pores are inflamed, they swell, closing the top of the pore in a balloon shape instead of a cylinder, trapping acne bacteria in the pore, giving it an oxygen free environment, where it flourishes, causing even more inflammation and creating a battle ground for white blood cells to fight off invaders, resulting in more breakouts.

Scrubbing is the worst type of cleanse you can do to acne other than pouring Comet Cleanser on your face. The fact that this product is targeted towards acne sufferers is simply unbelievable.Glyceryl Stearate SE is highly comedogenic= meaning it clogs your pores, also limiting oxygen, making acne bacteria flourish.

Solution: Exfoliate with chemical peels and plant enzymes, which dissolve dead skin and oil instead of scraping them away. Acids, especially plant-derived salicylic, lactic and glycolic, can cleanse inside the pores instead of just scraping over the top. Another option for exfoliating properly is to use kaolin and benzonite clay, which pull impurities and dead skin cells out of the pores, and is very gentle and effective, especially on oily skin.