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FEBRUARY 16, 2019 - FEBRUARY 18, 2019

San Fran babes your wish is our command. Crystal Clear Skin & Beauty has

chosen San Francisco as it's first pop-up destination of 2019.

Come receive an exclusive treatment designed just for you from Crystal!

Space is limited - now booking February 16, 2019 - February 18, 2019

Let’s get your GLOW on. This exclusive treatment has been designed for all my San Francisco babes. During your treatment, we’ll assess your skin and use the HydraFacial technology to get rid of all the bad stuff - while infusing it with the good stuff. Next, we’ll put you under the LED light (red or blue depending on your skin) for some extra TLC. After your skin is crystal clear, we’ll cool you off with a hydrating algae mask. To finish it off, your skin will be infused with a variety of serums to finalize your GLOW ✨


STEP 1: Deep cleanse with steamer

STEP 2: Signature HydraFacial treatment

STEP 3: Cleansing and exfoliation that opens up pores and cleans out all the gunk in your skin.

STEP 4: Acid peel (this softens and lifts all black heads)

STEP 5: Vortex extractions (100% pain free - no pinching or poking)

STEP 6: LED therapy (red or blue depending on your skin)

STEP 7: Cooling Algae mask - Crystal will choose which mask will be best for your skin type.

STEP 8: Serum infusion

Are you ready to book your Crystal Clear Glow?

Do you have any questions or concerns before booking your treatment? Would you prefer we book the appointment for you? Get in touch with us and we'll be sure to help you!

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