Breakthrough technology your skin will thank you for. The three-in-one tip, gently buffs away clogged pores and dry skin while vacuuming up all the bad stuff. To top it off, your skin is simultaneously being infused  with serums (aka all the good stuff). 

Step 1: Cleanses and Exfoliates using vibration therapy to open up pores and sweep away all dirt and dead skin cells.

Step 2: A glycol and salicylic acid peel (pain free) this softens up any stubborn blackheads and blemishes. 

Step 3: Vortex Extractions - no pinching or poking here, we're using vortex extractions to vacuum away all the bad stuff in your skin.


Step 4: Infusion - here your skin is infused with serums specific to your skin type / skin concerns. HELLO GLOW.

COST: $350

The Signature HydraFacial

This treatment deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates the skin utilizing super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. 

Step 1: Cleanses and Exfoliates using-actin 4, a Glucosamine and Lactic Acid to Exfoliate sebum/ oils and dead skin cells. Our multi-action specialized skin solution cleans the skin deeply while softening sebum/ oils and impurities to aid in extractions.

Step 2: A glycol and salicylic acid peel - cell sloughing capabilities to deeply clean and exfoliate.

Step 3: Vortex Extraction - A multi-action specialized ski solution formulated for oily and acne prone skin. This specialized blend cleans skin deeply while its ingredients soften sebum/ oil and impurities to aid in extractions. It actively assists in dislodging dead cells for exfoliation.


Step 4: Hydration - a potent antioxidant skin solution that is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to combat free radical and environmental damage to skin cells. It provides ultimate hydration and improves the appearance of age signs, texture and clarity.

COST: $350

The Signature Hydrafacial + Booster 

An invigorating treatment that includes all of the essentials of the Signature HydraFacial with an extra boost. Customize your treatment with one of the award-winning super serum boosters.

Forever Young Boost

Minimizes signs of aging and recharges skin with a patented combination of peptides

COST: $399

Recharge Boost

Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to restore skin health and vitality.

COST: $399

Shine Bright Boost

Minimizes the appearance of dark spots and sun spots for an even complexion.

COST: $399

HydraFacial Back Treatment

Lymphatic drainage is performed on the back to increase circulation and remove toxins. Once this is complete, HydraFacial’s customized back tip for cleansing is used to provide a deep exfoliation. Ingredients such as glucosamine, lactic acid, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid are used to rid the back of dead skin and open up the pores. Once this has been achieved Vitamin A, Vitamin E, horse chestnut extract, white tea extract, and hyaluronic acid are infused into the skin. The back is left smooth and radiant. A perfect treatment for those struggling with back acne or congestion.

COST: $350

Plasmatic Enzyme Treatment

Known as Cosmo Magazine's "Dragon Facial", the Plasmatic Enzyme Treatment is the most powerful, effective method for hydrolyzing dead cell material from the skin tissues, detoxifying the skin of all impurities and lifting and tightening it for a firmer, youthful, glowing appearance.


The plasmatic enzyme masques are capable of tightening the skin progressively and removing impurities from the skin cells by a process known as reverse osmosis. 

COST: $350

OxyGeneo Super Facial

Meet the new 3-in-1 super facial. OxyGeneo™ provides nourishment, hydration, and oxygenation to your skin - guaranteed to look younger and plumper after one treatment. The best part? It's perfect for ALL skin types - no irritation involved. Watch a video on how it works here -

Step 1: Similar to microdermabrasion, the OxyGeneo™ exfoliates the upper most layer of skin to remove dead skin cells, smooth and renew the skin, and prep it to recieve nutrients.


Step 2: Next, the OxyGeneo™ cleanses the skin while infusing nutrient-rich active ingredients. Choose between the NeoRevive™ for rejuvenation and anti-aging or NeoBright™ for skin brightening and texture improvement.

Step 3: Lastly, the OxyGeneo™ produces CO2 bubbles which gently burst on the skin's surface, sending oxygen-rich blood to the area, increasing capillary flow & skin metabolism. The final step of oxygenation results in optimal absorption of active ingredients.

COST: $350

Desi Perkins Signature Glow Treatment 

Treat your skin to this unique package - guaranteed to leave your skin glowing. This package includes all of the benefits of the Signature HydraFacial and the hottest trend in LA beauty, Facial Cupping. After your skin has been detoxified and rejuvenated, you're placed under the LED Therapy Light to stimulate collagen growth and heal the skin from blemishes, wrinkles, dark spots or acne scars. The treatment is concluded with the one and only 24k Gold Mask. 


COST: $399


Want more?


It's time to brush off all the extra dead skin and hair clogging your pores. This is ideal for anyone using any type of after face wash product. Dermaplaning can increase product absorption by 99%. Add on Dermaplaning to your treatment to leave your skin softer than ever.

COST: $35

Casmara Face Masks

COST: $35

Charcoal Detoxifying Mask
This mask draws out toxins and actively removes impurities.
Oatmeal Mask
This mask is great for sensitive skin. The Oats and Aromatherapy soothe and balance the skin.
The Seaweed Base Mask
This mask lowers the temperature of your skin & adds long-lasting hydration to the most delicate areas of your face.
24k Gold Mask
The 24k Gold provides nutrients to your skin to bring out & enhance your natural glow.
Goji Berry Mask
The Goji Mask lowers the temperature of your skin, while providing antioxidant properties for a long lasting hydration.
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24k Gold Mask

The 24k Gold provides nutrients to your skin to bring out & enhance your natural glow.